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Francis Russell

Title: Community Design Center Director, Niehoff Urban Studio
Office: Aronoff Center
Tel: 513-403-2973

Mr. Russell, AIA,a registered professional architect with degrees from Vassar (B.A.) and Harvard (M Arch.), is the Director of UC Community Design Center and Niehoff Urban Studio as well as an Instructor in Urban Design. Mr. Russell has 27 years of experience in community visioning projects for communities in the Greater Cincinnati Area. The Community Design Center and the Niehoff Urban Studio organizes collaborative interdisciplinary community/university partnerships for the research and design of physical improvements that serve the university&39;s urban area. Research in urban planning, and professional services in urban design and architecture are provided to community groups, non-profit organizations, and municipal departments that are representing undeserved areas and under-funded projects.

Research Information

Research Support

  • (PI), Russell, Francis, Art in the Market 2002-03 Year 2, Ohio Arts Council. (FY2003-1411-46), $19,880.00. 07/01/2002 to 10/31/2003. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Russell, Francis, Mayor's Institute on City Design: Midwest, National Endowment for the Arts. (DCA 99-06), $44,968.00. 06/01/1999 to 02/11/2000. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Russell, Francis, Findlay Market Art Project FY2000, Ohio Arts Council. (FY2000-1438 46), $24,256.00. 01/01/2000 to 11/30/2000. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Russell, Francis, Glendale Comprehensive Plan, Glendale, Village of. (OSP00171), $8,000.00. 03/29/2000 to 03/28/2001. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Russell, Francis, Findley Market Arts Project FY2001, Ohio Arts Council. (FY2001-1417 46), $25,638.00. 07/01/2000 to 10/30/2001. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Russell, Francis, Mayor's Institute on City Design, National Endowment for the Arts. (OSP 01154), $44,418.00. 02/15/2001 to 09/30/2001. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Russell, Francis, Art in the Market 2002-03, Ohio Arts Council. (FY2002-1419-46), $21,225.00. 07/01/2001 to 10/30/2002. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Russell, Francis, Findlay Market Community Design Center, Ohio Board of Regents. (65x1054), $37,840.00. 10/01/1996 to 06/30/2000. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Russell, Francis, Findlay Market Art Project 1999, Cincinnati, City of. (OSP98161), $3,000.00. 09/01/1998 to 10/15/1999. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Russell, Francis, Findlay Market Art Project FY1999, Ohio Arts Council. (FY2000-0213), $2,000.00. 07/01/1999 to 10/31/1999. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Russell, Francis, Uptown Consortium Planning and Support Grant, Uptown Consortium, Inc.. (DCA-UC), $20,000.00. 04/01/2009 to 09/30/2010. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Russell, Francis, Community Food Program, Department of Agriculture. (SRS 006768), $20,518.00. 09/01/2009 to 08/31/2011. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Russell, Francis, Covington Center City Action Plan, Local Initiatives Support Corporation. (SRS007812), $10,000.00. 09/01/2011 to 03/31/2013. Status: Active.
  • (PI), Russell, Francis, Niehoff Urban Studio: Community Development and Transportation, Local Initiatives Support Corporation of Greater Cincinnati and Norther Ky. (Fixed Price SCA), $10,000.00. 01/07/2013 to 12/31/2013. Status: Active.
  • (PI), Russell, Francis, Standard Textile Window Challenge, Standard Textile Co.. (SCA), $10,000.00. 08/22/2017 to 12/15/2017. Status: Awarded.

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