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Urban Planning Faculty

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Johanna W Looye

Title: Associate Professor
Office: 6207 Daa Addition
Tel: 513-556-0216

Research Information

Research Support

  • (PI), Looye, Johanna, A Joint Consortium for the Transatlantic Study of Design, Planning and Urbanism, Department of Education. (P116J020017), $200,191.00. 10/01/2002 to 09/30/2007. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Looye, Johanna, Assessment of Microenterprise Development Potential in Over-the Rhine, Ohio Board of Regents. (65x1054-01), $30,000.00. 07/01/1997 to 06/30/2000. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Edelman, David; Looye, Johanna, Urban Sustainability and the Built Environment: A US Brazil Consortium, Department of Education. (P116M080008), $219,806.00. 08/01/2008 to 07/31/2013. Status: Active.
  • (Collaborator), Auffrey, Christopher; Honadle, Beth; Looye, Johanna; Vomhofe, Rainer; Zapata, Marisa, An External Evaluation of the Strong Economies Together (SET) Initiative, Department of Agriculture. (018000-340452-02/ RBS1039), $100,000.00. 05/01/2011 to 08/31/2013. Status: Active.

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