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Courses for Non-DAAP Majors

Courses at the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning aren't just for DAAP majors! We offer several classes for non-DAAP majors to learn about anything from photography to video production and animation. Check out the class offerings for the upcoming summer and fall semesters below:

Spring Semester 2015

ARCH1023 Introduction to Modern Architecture and Design (3 credit hours; BoK: HP, HU)
001         309944        Online (TBA)
This on-line course is a survey course designed for students who are not majoring in architecture, to provide an introduction to the fundamental issues, personalities, and buildings that were involved in the history of the evolution of European and American modern architecture and design. It is intended to enhance a student's understanding and appreciation of the art of architecture and the issues that impact upon its production. The course will briefly introduce students to the major architectural movements that preceded the Modern Movement and establish a reference and context from which Modernism emerged.

ARCH3004 Arch Studio I (for Arch Eng. Majors in CEAS) (4 credit hours)
001         309881         MW 1:25-5:35 pm
This foundation design studio introduces organizational logics and tectonic systems as a starting point for developing a vocabulary of architectural form. The tectonic is derived from construction to include material, structural, and, technical principles and logistics of organization. Modest design projects will incorporate site development, spatial sequence/choreography, the human body in space, the role of proportion, measure and rhythm, and the definition of boundary as a source of spatial character. Sectional strategies, the spatial threshold, and sequential space are primary topics, for exploration. A tectonic language of frame and panel, structure and skin, is developed. Passive environmental strategies are introduced. Products of study include the development of well-crafted, exhibition-quality artifacts.

ARCH6025 Intro to Historic Preservation (3 credit hours)
001         300181        TR 11 am-12:20 pm
This introductory lecture course considers the preservation of artifacts of the past, with particular focus on the built environment. The course begins with an examination of why we as a culture need these artifacts, followed by a survey the history of historic preservation in the West. The practice of contemporary historic preservation is reviewed with an emphasis on career opportunities in the field. Finally, interpretations of historic artifacts, from museum restorations to adaptive re-use projects, are explored, including consideration of the political and social framework in which their preservation is accomplished, as well as for the meaning these sites might have for future generations.

ARTH1001 History of Art I (3 credit hours; BoK: FA, HP)
001         300475        MWF 1:25-2:20 pm
001         301449        TR  9:30-10:50 am
This is the first of the two-semester survey of world art. It covers movements, monuments, and figures in art and architecture between ca. 25,000 B.C. & ca. 1300. Students will learn to appreciate and analyze the formal qualities of the important works of art and architecture. They will also learn to investigate how these creations reflect contemporary social, political, religious, and philosophical contexts.

ARTH1002 History of Art II (3 credit hours; BoK: FA, HP)
001         300476       TBA
002         300477       MWF 10:10-11:05 am              
003         301450       TR 11:00am-12:20 pm
004         301451       TR 2-3:20 pm
005         304576       MWF 9:05-10:00 am
006         304617       MWF 10:10-11:00 am
This is the second of the two-semester survey of world art. It covers movements, monuments, and figures in art and architecture from the 14th century to the 21st century. Students will learn to appreciate and analyze the formal qualities of the important works of art and architecture. They will also learn to investigate how these creations reflect contemporary social, political, religious, and philosophical contexts.

ARTH1014 Art Apreciation (3 credit hours; BoK: FA)
001         300497       MWF 11:15am-12:10pm
Art Appreciation is designed as an introduction for non-majors to the visual arts, through the study of media, processes, technologies, styles, cultures, concepts, and vocabulary of the visual arts. This course will introduce several aspects of the art world, including purposes and themes of art, art-making techniques, and a brief survey of art from pre-history to the modern world. We will look at painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, architecture, printmaking, and electronic media spanning twelve centuries. Students will develop a vocabulary for discussing art as well as skills for thinking about visual art, art making, art patronage, and more.

DAAP2011 Fundamentals of Photography Design for non-DAAP majors (3 credit hours; BoK: FA)
001         002557       T 6-8:50pm
002         009602       S 9-10:50am
Explore the visual fundamentals of photographic design. Learn how to effectively use F-stops, shutter speed, ISO, and the various modes of a digital camera to improve your photographs and communicate your ideas. Investigate compositional techniques as they relate to photographing people, the landscape, and movement. Discover how line, form, value, color, and texture can be organized to enhance visual communication and improve interpretation.

DAAP2013C A Non-Designer's Guide to Graphic Design (3 credit hours; Bok: FA)
001         310095       TR 12:30-1:50 pm (Lecture and Lab)
002         310096       TR 12:30-1:50 pm (Lecture)  R 2-3:20 pm (Lab)
003         310097       TR 12:30-1:50 pm (Lecture)  R 6-7:20 pm (Lab)
This course focuses on the conceptual thinking and problem solving methods used by graphic designers in developing communications that sell ideas. Emphasis is placed on evaluating the messaging and sales objectives to create designs effectively communicating and influencing a targeted audience.                                   

DAAP2021 Fashion in the Public Eye (3 credit hours; BoK: FA)
001         002558        TR 9:30-10:50 am
This course will explore the impact of fashion design and trends, as they are conveyed to, and shared with the public. Students will develop a working knowledge of the history of fashion media and fashion marketing, along with the various media outlets for fashion. We will consider how the message of personal style, expression, and the newest trends reaches and effects public perception. This course will include field trips to industry locations and a hands-on experience with a fashion media event; fashion show.

DAAP2022 The Business of Fashion (3 credit hours)
001         002559       TR 11 am-12:20 pm
This course will explore fashion retailing and the various business structures in the fashion industry. The primary focus will be on the numerous forms of Fashion Retailing and trends with an exploration of possible fashion-based career paths in retailing and merchandising. This course will include lectures by professionals and experts from industry and local fashion organizations and an industry field trip.

DAAP3000  Applied Trend Research and Analysis (3 credit hours)
001         30956       MW 6-7:20pm
This course provides and introduction to trend forecasting research and methodology necessary to identify, categorize, analyze and synthesize socio-economic trends that will impact product and system development into the future.                                           

DSGN1070 Design Thinking and Problem Solving Methods for Interdisciplinary Innovation (3 credit hours; BoK: TI)
001         300500       W 2:30-5:20 pm
002         301456       F 2-4:50 pm
004         301457       F 2-4:50 pm
This course provides an overview to interdisciplinary design thinking. The purpose is to develop students' creative problem solving capacity. Students will explore methods for identifying, framing, and solving problems. Subjects covered include data-gathering research, ontology formation, data analysis techniques, factor analysis, problem framing, brainstorming, role-playing, criteria assessment, and innovative creativity enhancing methods. Exploration will occur in the context of designerly ways of thinking using empathetic imagination, taking multiple viewpoints, imagining scenarios rapidly, prototyping iteratively and visualizing effectively. This course, open to all students, is essential for all School of Design students.

DSGN1081 Sources of Modern Design (3 credit hours; BoK: HP)
001         001398       TR 11-12:20 pm
002         001584       TR 6-7:20 pm
003         301458       MW 10:10-11:30 am
004         301459       MW 1-2:20 pm
This lecture course provides a survey covering broad patterns in the development of the material culture of the industrialized world during the past 250 years, with an emphasis on Europe and North America. The purpose is to equip students to apply historical perspectives to the design of artifacts. It examines major works of design, guided by an understanding of critical concepts and the relations between design and art and between design and society and technology.

DSGN6000 Introduction to Ideation and Innovation (3 credit hours-duel level course)
001         310113        TR 6-7:30 pm        
This mind-broadening course covers the front end of the design, from identification of a need to the evaluation of product concepts to meeting the need. Topics covered include the fuzzy front end of the design process, user-centered design concept generation, creative thinking, competitive, analysis & benchmarking. Students will use information gained to complete a comprehensive exercise as a final project.

FAA1025 Basic Drawing for non-DAAP majors (4 credit hours)
001         300575       TR 8-10:50 am
A course for non-majors that focuses on the creation of drawings that demonstrate an understanding of one and two point perspective and illusionistic space using a variety of black and white and color mediums. The class includes demonstrations, critiques, and discussions of artists who work in drawing. The format of this course includes both seminar and studio/lab components.

FAA1030 Basic 3D Animation for non-DAAP majors (4 credit hours;Bok: FA)
001         300526       TR 8-10:50 am
This is a beginning level class 3D animation class for non-DAAP students. Students learn the fundamentals of working with 3 DS MAX including basics of modeling, texturing, and motion, as well as project design considerations, and production workflow organization. Students will complete.

FAA1033 Basic Digital Photography for non-DAAP majors (4 credit hours)
001         300527       MW 4:40-7:30 pm
This course comprises lectures and exercises in basic digital photographic technology and aesthetics for non-DAAP majors. The emphasis is on the camera, including camera settings, exposure and focus controls, and composition. Students must provide their own cameras which have a minimum of 6 megapixels, optical zoom, and manual mode OR exposure compensation capability.

FAA1034 Basic Ceramic Handbuilding for non-DAAP majors (4 credit hours; BoK: FA)
001         300528       MW 4:40-7:30 pm
This course will provide an introduction to hand forming and the technical processes of working with clay. Students will explore handbuilding with terra cotta as a way to make both functional and expressive works out of clay. We will work with many different building methods, such as coiling, pinch pots, slab building, and the use of molds. This class is will also focus on different methods of decorating and glazing earthenware. No prior ceramic experience is needed for this course.

FAA1040 Basic Painting for non-DAAP majors (4 credit hours)
001         300576       MW 1:25-4:15 pm
This course is an introduction to the medium of painting, understood as representing the three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional support, using oil paints in a full set of colors. You will become familiar with the qualities of oil paint, mediums, color mixing, paint application, canvas preparation, grounds, supports and various painting materials. This class allows you to build your skill level through studio practice and assignments.

SAID3010 Intro to Humanitarian (3 credit hours; Bok: SE, HU)
001         309518       TR 11 am-12:20 pm
This honors seminar will investigate the emerging field of Humanitarian Design. Students will combine research into humanitarianism, social responsibility and the principles of design-thinking into the development of a project that will benefit a non-profit organization doing work in impoverished communities in rural Tanzania. The course will explore how individual fields of study are critical in the development of, effective and inspiring humanitarian design projects. The content of the course will focus upon social, cultural and technological issues inherent in the field of humanitarian design and enable collaborative work to create and implement projects that will have a positive impact on communities in need. The course includes a required trip abroad.

NOTE: All Horticulture courses are open for non-DAAP students, provided they have met the appropriate prerequisites or have permission of the instructor.

All of the School of Planning courses are open to non-DAAP majors. This is based on seating availability which we have not found to be a problem in the past. Our studios (PLAN 1012, 3031) and capstones/thesis (PLAN 5099, 7008, 7009) courses will allow non-DAAP majors if the topic pertains to their area of study and they possess the skills and ability to join the course. These courses would require professor permission for non-DAAP majors to enroll.

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