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Courses for Non-DAAP Majors

Courses at the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning aren't just for DAAP majors! We offer several classes for non-DAAP majors to learn about anything from photography to video production and animation. Check out the class offerings for the upcoming fall semester below:


DAAP Course Offerings for Fall Semester 2016

ARCH 6026 Techniques of Historic Preservation (3 credit hours)

Section: 001  TR 3:30-4:50pm

This lecture and lab course introduces methods used to research the history and significance of an historic building or site, and to evaluate and rehabilitate historic structures. The course actively engages a variety of historic building construction systems, and develops in the student an understanding of these methods and systems through structured field activities. Lectures by Cincinnati restoration craftspeople as well as DAAP faculty highlight problems and restoration techniques associated with each examined construction material or system. The documentation of an historic structure is a required service-learning component of the course.


ARTE 1009 Art LIVE! (3 credit hrs; BoK: DC, FA)

Section: 001  R 2:00-5:00pm

Have FUN...Experience Art/Culture...Get Credit...Nuff Said. #UcArtLive


ARTH 1001 History of Art I (3 credit hrs; BoK: FA, HP)

Section: 001  MWF 10:10-11:05am

This is the first of the two-semester survey of world art. It covers movements, monuments, and figures in art and architecture between ca. 25,000 B.C. & ca. 1300. Students will learn to appreciate and analyze the formal qualities of the important works of art and architecture. They will also learn to investigate how these creations reflect contemporary social, political, religious, and philosophical contexts.

ARTH 1002 History of Art II (3 credit hrs; BoK: FA, HP)

Section: 001  MWF 11:15am-12:10pm

This is the second of the two-semester survey of world art. It covers movements, monuments, and figures in art and architecture from the 14th century to the 21st century. Students will learn to appreciate and analyze the formal qualities of the important works of art and architecture. They will also learn to investigate how these creations reflect contemporary social, political, religious, and philosophical contexts.


DAAP 1012 Race and Identity in American Culture (3 credit hrs; Bok: FA, DC)

Section: 001  MWF 10:10-11:05am

This course survey the national and racial atmosphere of the United States from the colonial period to the 20th century, through a study of both visual culture and literature. Some of the topics we examine include the visual encoding of racism in American art, issues of racial identity and representation, the tumultuous decades surrounding the Civil War and the role race played in the nation's coping with war, American nationalism related to landscape and Manifest Destiny.


DAAP 1013 Art Appreciation (3 credit hrs; Bok: FA)

Section: 001  MWF 12:20-1:15pm

This is an introduction for non-majors to the visual arts, through the study of media, processes, technologies, styles, cultures, and concepts related to the visual arts. Students will develop a vocabulary for discussing art as well as skills for thinking about visual art, art making, art patronage, and more!


DAAP 2011 Fundamentals of Photography Design for non-DAAP majors (3 credit hrs; BoK: FA)

Section: 001   T 6:00-8:50pm

Section: 002   S 9:00-10:50am

Section: 003   W 6:00-8:50pm

Explore the visual fundamentals of photographic design. Learn how to effectively use F-stops, shutter speed, ISO, and the various modes of a digital camera to improve your photographs and communicate your ideas. Investigate compositional techniques as they relate to photographing people, the landscape, and movement. Discover how line, form, value, color, and texture can be organized to enhance visual communication and improve interpretation.


DAAP 2012 Beyond Surface: Fiber, Art and Fashion (3 credit hours; BoK: FA)

Section: 001   R 6:00-8:50pm

This course will explore fabric, textiles and fibers and their relationship with fashion culture, design and art practices. Students will examine the relationship between material, process, and the maker, as well as the critical role that cloth and fiber processes play in the global economic marketplace. Included in the course is a historical and cultural overview of fabric production including a variety of textile techniques and methods, such as silk screening, textile painting and dyeing, surface manipulation, print and pattern development, mark-making, and beading. Students will compile a portfolio of samples for reference and create an innovative collection of product samples. Class will include guest lectures, studio visits, demonstrations and hands on design projects. This course is designed as an introduction for non-majors as well as a refresher for majors or transfer students.


DAAP 2013C A Non-Designer's Guide to Graphic Design (3 credit hrs; Bok: FA)

Section: 001  TR 12:30-1:50pm (Lecture and Lab)

This course focuses on the conceptual thinking and problem solving methods used by graphic designers in developing communications that sell ideas. Emphasis is placed on evaluating the messaging and sales objectives to create designs effectively communicating and influencing a targeted audience.


DAAP 3000 Applied Trend Research and Analysis (3 credit hrs) Note: students must have 60 credit hours or more

Section: 001  MW 6:00-8:40pm

This course provides and introduction to trend forecasting research and methodology necessary to identify, categorize, analyze and synthesize socio-economic trends that will impact product and system development into the future.


FAA 1022 Basic Rendering the Figure from Life for non-DAAP majors (3 credit hrs)

Section: 001 TR 2:00-4:50pm

This course involves an intensive study of the human form working from both clothed and nude models for the non-DAAP student/artist or novice wishing to improve their work from a live model ina two-dimensional painting or drawing medium. The structure and expressive values of the human body are delivered through lectures, demonstrations andlab (studio) application. A progressive emphasis is placed on the human form as a source for compositional motives, culminating in carefully planned drawings or painted sketches that integrate figure and field into complex formal narratives.


FAA 1025 Basic Drawing for non-DAAP majors (3 credit hrs)

Section: 001  TR 8:00-10:50am

A course for non-majors that focuses on the creation of drawings that demonstrate an understanding of one and two point perspective and illusionistic space using a variety of black and white and color mediums. The class includes demonstrations, critiques, and discussions of artists who work in drawing. The format of this course includes both seminar and studio/lab components.

FAA 1033 Basic Digital Photography for non-DAAP majors 
(3 credit hrs)

Section: 001   TR 5:00-7:50pm

This course comprises lectures and exercises in basic digital photographic technology and aesthetics for non-DAAP majors. The emphasis is on the camera, including camera settings, exposure and focus controls, and composition. Students must provide their own cameras which have a minimum of 6 megapixels, optical zoom, and manual mode OR exposure compensation capability.


FAA 1036 Basic Sculpting for non-DAAP majors (3 credit hrs)

Section: 001  TR 5:00-7:50pm

This course provides a foundation to sculpture as a three-dimensional medium of expression. In learning fundamental principles of sculpture and gaining familiarity with the use and safety requirements of various tools, materials, and techniques, students will explore a range of approaches to fabricating art in a studio workshopsetting. By introducing students to significant examples of contemporary three-dimensional art thecourse will enable them to develop a personal approach to making sculpture. Concepts pertaining to sculptural form, scale, movement, surface, content, and function will be explored.


FAA 1040 Basic Painting for non-DAAP majors (3 credit hrs)

Section: 001  TR 8:00-10:50am

This course is an introduction to the medium of painting, understood as representing the three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional support, using oil paints in a full set of colors. You will become familiar with the qualities of oil paint, mediums, color mixing, paint application, canvas preparation, grounds, supports and various painting materials. This class allows you to build your skill level through studio practice and assignments.


Horticulture Courses:

All Horticulture courses are open for non-DAAP students, provided they have met the appropriate prerequisites or have permission of the instructor.


Planning Courses:

All of the SOP courses are open to non-DAAP majors. This is based on seating availability which we have not found to be a problem in the past. Our studios (PLAN 1012, 3031) and capstones/thesis (PLAN 5099, 7008, 7009) courses will allow non-DAAP majors if the topic pertains to their area of study and they possess the skills and ability to join the course. These courses would require professor permission for non-DAAP majors to enroll.


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