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Dale Murray

Title: Associate Professor
Office: 5280A Daa Addition
Tel: 513-608-8663

Dale Murray obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Design from the University of Cincinnati in 1975. He practiced as a product and exhibit designer at various firms and in his own business in the Chicago and the San Francisco Bay areas for 21 years. Notable exhibit work included the Nobel Hall of Science and The Curiosity Place at the Museum of Science and Industry, and The Children's Zoo at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. He returned to Cincinnati in 1996, began teaching industrial design, and obtained a Masters Degree in Design in 1998. He is now an assistant professor of Industrial Design in the School of Design and serves on the IDSA national taskforce to promote the practice of Sustainable Design principles.

Research Information

Research Interests

Product Design Exhibit Design Sustainable Design

Research Support

  • (PI), Murray, Dale, Eco-design Life Cycle Product Development Process, General Electric Appliance Division. (GE Appliance Div), $55,641.00. 10/01/2005 to 06/30/2008. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Kim, Injoo; Murray, Dale, Wearable Imaging Systems, Eastman Kodak Company. (SRS 00580), $30,000.00. 04/01/2006 to 06/30/2008. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Murray, Dale, Collaborative Learning Studio Project, iMotion - Myers Motors LLC. (internal NCE), $15,000.00. 03/25/2004 to 12/31/2004. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Murray, Dale, Solar Decathlon 2007, Department of Energy. (ADC-6-66268-16 / DE AC36-99GO10337), $100,000.00. 11/27/2006 to 01/09/2008. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Murray, Dale, Compaction in Sustainable Living, Procter & Gamble Company. (EcoLab), $12,000.00. 03/26/2007 to 12/30/2008. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Murray, Dale, School Supplies -- Innovators to Meet Current and Future Needs, MeadWestvaco Corporation. (SRS 005495), $25,000.00. 09/07/2007 to 12/31/2008. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Murray, Dale, P&G Spring Studio, Live Well Collaborative, Inc.. (LWC P&G Spring 08), $81,750.00. 03/31/2008 to 09/30/2008. Status: Closed.
  • (Collaborator), Choi, Soo-Shin; Machleit, Karen; Murray, Dale; Sanders, Michael, LG Electronics Product Design, Live Well Collaborative, Inc.. (LG ElecKit), $81,750.00. 03/30/2009 to 08/21/2009. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Borcherding, Phyllis; Murray, Dale; Zirger, Billie Jo, JC Penney: Alternative Purchased Product Transportation, J. C. Penney, Inc.. (DCA-11W), $50,000.00. 01/01/2011 to 08/31/2013. Status: Active.
  • (Collaborator), Borcherding, Phyllis; Murray, Dale, Studio Collaboration Agreement for Luxottica Retail, Luxottica Retail North America. (SRS 007664), $10,000.00. 09/01/2011 to 05/31/2012. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Murray, Dale, The Future of Clean with Proctor & Gamble Design, Procter & Gamble Company. (Future of Clean SCA), $50,000.00. 12/01/2015 to 12/10/2015. Status: Active.
  • (Collaborator), Kim, Injoo; Murray, Dale, Luxottica Arnette Sponsored Studio 16FS, Luxottica Retail North America. (2016 Luxottica Arnette Sponsored Studio 16FS), $40,000.00. 08/01/2016 to 07/31/2017. Status: Active.
  • (PI), Murray, Dale, P&G Smart & Connected (16FS), Procter & Gamble Company. (2016 P&G Smart & Connected (16FS)), $50,000.00. 09/01/2016 to 08/31/2017. Status: Active.