Due to the holidays and Winter Season Days, UC will be closed Dec. 25-Jan. 4. Reopening on Monday, Jan. 5, 2015.

All college, advising and business offices will be closed. This includes OneStop, Bursar, Financial Aid, Registrar and Admissions.

Essential security services, like Public Safety, will continue with normal operations.

Details at uc.edu/winterclosure.

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School of Design Directory

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Steven J. Doehler

Title: Assoc Professor
Office: 5280C Aronoff Center
Tel: 513-556-4576
Email: steven.doehler@uc.edu

Expertise area: Industrial Design, Human/Computer interface design, Service Design, Design Strategy/Thinking

Topical areas of interest: Health and wellness, Entreprnurialism

I am an expert in the area of user centered product development and human computer interface design.  I received a BFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and an MA from the Ohio State University both in Industrial Design.  I have worked professionally for consulting and corporate design offices since 1988 and in 1999 started my private practice IDWorks LLC. In 2006 I accepted a faculty position at the University of Cincinnati’s Industrial Design Program.  Here I specialize in health and wellness and design entrepreneurialism. I am a strong advocate of interdisciplinary collaboration and actively work with the faculty and students from the College of Nursing, Business and several private entities. My areas of expertise include health and wellness, virtual business strategies, and entrepreneurialism.

Research Information

Research Support

  • (PI), Doehler, Steven; Sweeney, Richard; Vogel, Craig, Hill-Rom Medication Dispensing System, Live Well Collaborative, Inc.. (LWC - Mede Disp), $81,750.00. 12/10/2007 to 06/30/2008. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Doehler, Steven, Tray Table Development, Live Well Collaborative, Inc.. (LWC-Tray Table), $26,325.00. 08/01/2009 to 03/31/2010. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Anthony, Jean E.S.; Doehler, Steven; Frasure, Jamey; Lee, Roberta, Assistive Mobility Device Development, Live Well Collaborative, Inc.. (LWC-Mobility Device), $31,027.00. 01/04/2010 to 06/30/2010. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Doehler, Steven, LWC: Nursing Protocol/Nursing Service Improvement, Live Well Collaborative, Inc.. (LWC - Nursing), $15,439.00. 03/01/2010 to 09/30/2010. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Doehler, Steven; Lee, Roberta, LWC: Pfizer ThermaCare, Live Well Collaborative, Inc.. (SRS 007873), $40,125.00. 12/01/2011 to 12/31/2012. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Arroniz, Inigo; Doehler, Steven, Boeing: Flight Attendant Work Area Redesign, Live Well Collaborative, Inc.. (LWC Fixed Price Agreement), $50,653.00. 08/01/2012 to 07/31/2013. Status: Active.