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Soo-Shin Choi

Office: 6415E Aronoff Center
Tel: 513-556-4430

Research Information

Research Support

  • (PI), Choi, Soo-Shin, My First Car, NGVTEK. (000065), $50,000.00. 05/25/2006 to 02/28/2007. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Choi, Soo-Shin, Global Design Project, Samsung Electronics Co. LTD. (NCE), $30,000.00. 04/18/2005 to 07/25/2006. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Choi, Soo-Shin, Conceptual Design of New Laundry System, LG Electronics U.S.A, Inc. (SRS 004184), $35,000.00. 09/01/2006 to 07/31/2008. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Choi, Soo-Shin, Samsung Design Innovation Studio, Samsung Electronics Co. LTD. (DCA-Design Innovation Studio), $160,000.00. 09/24/2008 to 08/31/2011. Status: Active.
  • (Collaborator), Choi, Soo-Shin; Machleit, Karen; Murray, Dale; Sanders, Michael, LG Electronics Product Design, Live Well Collaborative, Inc.. (LG ElecKit), $81,750.00. 03/30/2009 to 08/21/2009. Status: Closed.
  • (Collaborator), Arroniz, Inigo; Chamberlain, Peter; Choi, Soo-Shin; Vogel, Craig, 09A LG Electronics Studio, Live Well Collaborative, Inc.. (LWC-LG09A), $40,015.00. 08/01/2009 to 03/31/2010. Status: Closed.
  • (Collaborator), Chamberlain, Peter; Choi, Soo-Shin; Zammit, Raphael, LWC: Urban Transportation 10S, Live Well Collaborative, Inc.. (LWC-Urban Transportation 10S), $28,118.00. 03/01/2010 to 09/30/2010. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Choi, Soo-Shin, Design of School Supplies for College Students, MeadWestvaco Corporation. (srs007076), $50,000.00. 09/01/2010 to 08/31/2012. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Choi, Soo-Shin; Katerberg, Ralph, Boeing Airplane Seat Design 50+ - 12S, Live Well Collaborative, Inc.. (SRS 007942), $45,025.00. 02/01/2012 to 01/31/2013. Status: Closed.
  • (PI), Choi, Soo-Shin, Design of Printers for Education Vertical Market, Samsung Electronics Co. LTD. (Printer Project), $50,000.00. 05/01/2013 to 04/30/2014. Status: Awarded.
  • (PI), Choi, Soo-Shin, Wearable Smart Mobile Device, LG Electronics U.S.A, Inc. (Wearable Smart Mobil Device), $50,001.00. 05/01/2013 to 12/31/2013. Status: Active.
  • (PI), Choi, Soo-Shin; Jung, Heekyoung, Smart+Safe Lift Truck Experience, Crown Equipment. (Safe & Smart Lift Truck Experience), $60,000.00. 08/15/2013 to 04/30/2014. Status: Active.
  • (PI), Choi, Soo-Shin, Wearable Smart Mobile Device, LG Electronics U.S.A, Inc. (LG Electronics Master Agreement), $.00. 07/24/2013 to 07/23/2016. Status: Active.