Bachelor of Science in Design-Fashion Design

The Fashion Design program prepares students for the world of fashion design and its related industries. Fashion designers communicate ideas by fashion sketching, fashion illustration, and through the creation of three-dimensional finished garments that may appear on the runways or in retail stores. In the third year, DAAP Fashion Design students choose to focus in one of two areas:

  • Fashion Design — Students focus on the design and construction of garments, thinking about form and function--a design's expression and how it moves and fits the body.
  • Product Strategy — Students perform research and trend analysis to design and create new product lines, working through the process of bringing consumer driven fashion goods to the marketplace.

In the program, students learn to ideate, sketch, pattern, sew, and produce garments at quality levels. Students must learn a wide array of skills in preparation for work in a fast-paced global economy. 

The Fashion Design program includes a mandatory cooperative education component, where students work full-time in the fashion industry on alternating semesters. Cooperative education begins in the second year for fashion students. Upon graduation, students have a year and a half (five semesters) of professional fashion experience on their resumes, along with eight semesters of academic coursework.

Graduates of the program may work in many different facets of the industry, including design, styling, forecasting, marketing, manufacturing, and merchandising.

Fashion design students have numerous opportunities to showcase their work to the public. The highest profile event of the year occurs in April, when the work of graduating seniors is showcased before a sell-out crowd at the annual DAAPworks Fashion Show.

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Fashion Design

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Did You Know?

The Fashion Design program qualifies for special tuition rates for students who reside in certain KY and IN counties.