School of Art Student Organizations


Art History Club

Description: The Art History Club is a student-run organization for art history majors, minors, and other interested students that provides a space to converse and learn about a variety of topics. The goal of the club is to allow students to get to know their peers and share their passion for art and art history. The club facilitates academic discourse, allows students the opportunity to share their work, and plan events such as film viewings and art-related outings.

Faculty Advisor: Lauren Tate

Faculty Advisor Email:


Ceramics Club

Description: The purpose of the Ceramics Club is to gather together Fine Arts students interested in the study of ceramics. There will be discussions held regarding the study of ceramics including demonstrations, gallery openings, and visiting artists. Each semester we bring in one Visiting Artist to lecture on the state of contemporary ceramics.

Faculty Advisor: Katie Parker/Guy Michael Davis

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Fine Arts Association

Description: The purpose of the Fine Arts Association as a student run organization is to provide venues for the presentation and exploration of individual and collaborative expression.

Faculty Advisor: Jenny Ustick

Faculty Advisor Email: ustickje@UCMAIL.UC.EDU



MFA Fine Arts Graduate Student Association

Description: A subsidiary of the Graduate Student Governance Association at the University of Cincinnati, the MFA Fine Arts GSA promotes and enriches the experiences of all DAAP graduate Fine Art students.

Faculty Advisor: Joe Girandola

Faculty Advisor Email:



PZA (Print/Zine Association) Club

Description: The PZA Club—Print/Zine Association—is a new student organization centered around printmaking and zines. Meetings include demonstrations, field trips to exhibitions, potlucks, visiting artists, and more! For more information, contact President Connor Johns ( or Faculty Advisor Breanne Trammell (

Faculty Advisor: Breanne Trammell

Faculty Advisor Email:


Sculpture Club

Description: The purpose of the Sculpture Club is to gather together students interested in the study of sculpture. There will be discussions held regarding the study of sculpture as well as skill demonstrations, upcoming gallery exhibitions, etc. The club will organize and book guest speakers (sculptors) to visit the University of Cincinnati to lecture on topics related to the study of sculpture. The club will organize sales at least once a semester to sell their sculptural work, in order to raise money for the club. 20% of all proceeds go to the sculpture club, operating fund. The club will organize opportunities for its members to further their exploration into the sculpture community such as but not limited to travelling to events, exhibitions, and conferences such as the Sculpture X Symposium, which is held each year and the ArtPrize contest/exhibition held in Grand Rapids, Michigan each year.

Faculty Advisor: Welly Fletcher

Faculty Advisor Email:


UC Photography Club   

Description: UC Photography Club aims to bring together students across various disciplines who share a passion for photography. We conduct exhibitions, photo-walks and competitions to encourage love and appreciation for this art.

Faculty Advisor: Jordan Tate

Faculty Advisor Email: