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Minor in Fine Arts

A minor in Fine Arts is available for students interested in developing their artistic skills and abilities. This program requires 31-credit hours, as detailed below:

  • Studio courses:

• Drawing studio (4 credits)

• Space studio (4 credits)

• Time (4 credits)

• Introductory studio courses (12 credits)

• Advanced studio course (4 credits)

  • Seminar Course:

• Introduction to Contemporary Art and Visual Culture (3 credits)

Introductory and advanced studio courses can be taken in: drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, electronic art, ceramics, sculpture, and installation art.

The minor is awarded concurrently with a baccalaureate degree upon satisfactory completion of the required coursework.

Admission Requirements

Students must have a 2.0 GPA to pursue a minor in Fine Arts. Admission is limited.

Interested students must submit a completed application to the DAAP Student Affairs Office, 5470 Aronoff.

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