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Bachelor of Fine Arts — Ceramics

The ceramics department offers courses in handbuilding, wheel throwing, clay and glaze calculation, tile making, mold making, and object design. The students mix their own clay and glazes in our lab, and learn to fire both gas and electric kilns, in oxidation and reduction. We have eight electric kilns, a small test kiln located in the department, with five gas kilns housed in an adjacent gas kiln room.

Students will gain a well rounded knowledge of the material and how it works, allowing them to experiment with a variety of clays in a variety of temperatures and atmospheres, from terra cotta to porcelain.

All clay and glaze materials are kept in stock - with dedicated labs for mixing both. There is also a workroom for mixing and casting with plaster.

The Ceramics Club is funded by the Student Activities and Leadership Development Board, which provides funding for annual trips to the NCECA conference, as well as additional money for visiting artists, workshops, and demonstrations. The ceramics department also has a large studio sale every spring with a portion of the proceeds going back into The Ceramics Club.

We have two or three grad students working in private studios, and anywhere from 70-90 students using the main departmental space each semester. The ceramics area offers five-six studios during the fall and spring semesters, with the addition of at least one summer course.

Recent graduates of the program have gone on to ceramic residencies in Cincinnati, Tennessee, New York, Maine, and California. Recent grads have gone onto teaching positions in California, Pennsylvania, and Ohio and are actively showing work.

We have a strong connection with Rookwood Pottery, located in Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati Ohio. Many students have participated in their internship program, and several recent graduates are now employed at the company.

Courses offered:

  • Introduction to Handbuilding
  • Introduction to Wheel Throwing
  • Advanced Ceramics
  • Clay and Glaze Calculation
  • Special Studio: Moldmaking
  • Special Studio: Object Design
  • Special Studio: Tile
  • Handmade in China: Porcelain Studio (study abroad course)
  • Basic Handbuilding (non DAAP course)
  • Graduate Ceramics