2017 Outstanding Graduates


Kelly Cave
Master of Fine Arts

Kelly Cave has the rare ability to communicate with her work a steadfast tenacity in a research driven approach that translates conceptual idea to form beautifully. Not only does she possess excellent skills in the classroom, she is a connector of like-minded creative individuals and has become an integral part of DAAP community. The faculty in the School of Art at DAAP recommend Kelly Cave completely for this award.


Hope Rice
Art History

Hope Rice has excelled in all her art history classes at the University of Cincinnati. She has also made a mark as a dramaturge at CCM and is active in Cincinnati’s independent theater scene. Hope’s academic achievements link closely with her interest in the role of art in the world and her involvements in community and social projects. With her excellent research skills, engaging personal qualities, and all-around initiative, she truly stands out.


Megan Stevens
Fine Arts

Megan Steven’s dedication to Fine Arts and Ceramics is reflective in the work that she makes, which improves daily.  Megan is driven to be an artist and is one of hardest working students in the program. Megan has been the President of the Ceramics Club for two years and has organized numerous visiting artist demos and lectures.  She single handedly took 10 of her fellow students to the National Council for the Education of Ceramic Arts conference for the last three years.  She has organized sales and fundraising initiatives, all while working an outside job and maintaining a studio practice. Last summer Megan beat out dozens of applicants for a job at Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts in Newcastle, ME. The director commented that she had one of the strongest applications since he started working there. Megan is mature, trustworthy, and other students respect and value her input.