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Charles Woodman

Title: Assoc Professor
Office: 4424 Daa Addition
Tel: 513-556-2962

Professor Woodman has been working in the field of Electronic Art for many years.  His recent projects have concentrated on the creation of multi-image video installations for museums and galleries and the integration of video with live performance, often in collaboration with musicians or dancers. Exhibitions of his work include screenings at the Museum of Modern Art in New York; the Block Museum of Art in Chicago; the Black Maria Film and Video Festival, Edison, NJ; the American Dance Festival, Raleigh, NC; and the San Francisco Cinematheque. Woodman was a founding member of the video performance group viDEO sAVant and has been a pioneer in the development of live cinema - real time video editing as live performance. Recent viDEO sAVant appearances include performances at Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY; MATA Festival, Brooklyn; International House, Philadelphia; New Genres Festival, Tulsa and the Herron School of Art, Indianapolis.   

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